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Damien - Northumberland

"Lovely job Steve... swift postage and a no-brainer to pay the extra for framing"


"Recently purchased a couple of plots as a surprise gift. If you think they look good on screen, you will be VERY happy when you see them "in the flesh"!

The colours are great, the lines crisp, they are just amazing!

Everything was well packaged and delivered fast. Also bought one of the t-shirts, it's a heavy-weight tee that you know will last more than one wear / wash! The only problem? I'll need to find more wall space. I think i'm addicted.."

Sharon - Oxfordshire


"Theres no one i'd rather invest in.

Fully approved"

Jay - Dublin

Caroline - Vancouver

"This is a beautiful and creative endeavour by Steve, his talent is clearly not limited to just music, it reaches beyond. I marvel at his works as he continues to produce magical pieces, I have a feeling it won’t be long before I order another one as they are simply stunning works of art. 10/10 recommend! Kudos, Steve!"  


"I have three commissioned pieces of work and from first enquiry about the art to their delivery Steve’s kindness and cooperation has been so evident. All pieces use varying colours and are mesmerisingly beautiful, the art has such minimalism yet depth that makes it feel so personal and meaningful. I look forward to seeing his artwork progress and my collection grow."

Grace - Isle of Man

So pleased with the piece I ordered. Fabulous service from start to finish. The difficulty is deciding on the next design to order!

Salma - Manchester

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